Plex Requests

Simple automated way for users to request new content for Plex

Answers to some frequently asked questions that will hopefully help you get Plex Requests up and running smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Important notes upgrading to v1.0.0

  1. Please backup your database! If you're running using meteor, it's located in plexrequests-meteor\.meteor\local\db. Take that whole folder and move it somewhere safe!

  2. Your settings won't be transferred over, so please set them back up again. They are outputted to the console log on first run if you don't want to go looking for API keys again.

  3. Your requests will come over, but will have a default status of unapproved. The only real downside is that their status won't auto-update. There's an approve all button to fix that up quickly.

  4. Posters won't immediately be visible for everything. It checks posters on startup but it won't get them all as the API will limit itself. Start it up a few times and it'll fill in the old ones. New requests get them from the get go.

  5. The admin page is over at /admin. There's no link when an admin is not logged in, but once you login there'll be a link in nav to go back there.

What’s this new account business?

After some thought, and with the help of @jeradin, users now require authentication to make requests. They just need their username so no passwords are required for ease of entry. A local token is also saved for future visits. Administrators can see who has submitted each requests, while users are not shown this information.

Do I have to use authentication?

No, authentication is now off by default. Users are still asked to enter their username but it does not check them against your friends or managed users, merely shows you who is requesting content.

Is there a way to approve requests?

Yes! By default requests do not require approval. This setting can be turned on in the admin page. Any requests require your approval, which can be done from the requests page.

How often are movies and TV series removed from the requested list?

Requests aren't removed anymore. You have sort and filtering options, and an infinite scrolling list of requests.

Why can’t I find the movie I want? The search results suck!

We have recently switched to using TheMovieDB API for our search results. It has great support for both Movies & TV series and handles foreign language titles great as well. If you experience any issues with the search results, please let me know!

Can I run this on my Synology/QNAP/Rasberry Pi?

Your deployment options are limited to platforms that Meteor supports, so the short answer is no. However, if you’re so inclined, and your platform supports Node.js and MongoDB, you should be able to get it running using demeteorizer.

This software is licensed under the MIT license.
Plex Requests is in no way affiliated with Plex Inc. They retain full copyright of Plex and its associated assets.